Friday, April 18, 2008

Some Exciting News

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog entry. I plan on updating fairly often so please check back periodically if you'd like to know some of what's going on with me and my beau.

Now with the exciting news!

My beau got a job as a post-doctoral researcher at Michigan State University. So we're moving to Michigan! He'll be working with someone who he knows and respects and I hear is very well connected in the plant science community. It sounds like this will be a job that will lead to better jobs and hopefully to the job that will let us really settle somewhere (and hopefully, somewhere nice). It sounds like this job will be what the unfortunate job in Utah lied and said it would be but never was... only better! He'll get to continue with his doctoral research and learn more things-- things that he is much better at explaining than I-- sorry!

At the moment we still have to move from Utah. We will return there next week to re-register our vehicles and ready ourselves for the move east (and north brrr). The plan so far is that my beau will start work out there in June and I will stay in California for my summer work (and to plan our wedding) and then after we've tied the knot we'll go to Michigan together. East Lansing Michigan. I currently know nothing about Michigan but I guess I'll learn.