Monday, October 31, 2011


I hope everyone is having a happy Halloween!  We are wrapping up our first Halloween in our new city and we've encountered some odd trick-or-treating behavior.   Does anyone else live where a large percentage of the kids don't knock on the door?  They walk onto the porch and say 'trick-or-treat.'  Which I really couldn't hear through the door past the living room and into the kitchen where I was working on dinner... because trick-or-treaters come while it's time to make dinner.  I don't mind stopping and handing out candy, I just don't know how many kids I may have missed because there was no knocking involved. Sometimes I would check because I heard a suspicious noise and often there would be no one there and once a bunch of kids were almost off the steps heading to the next house and the grown up called them back explaining that the the door is open now...  I then made a sign for the front door to aide in communication.

This increased the knocking, mostly, but things still seemed odd.  I remember trick-or-treating following a reliable protocol: knock-- door opens-- 'trick-or-treat'-- get candy (while the resident would say their comments i.e. Happy Halloween, or Brush Your Teeth)-- then we say 'thank you' and move on.  To be honest when I was young enough to require a parent I remember we had the rule that we were only allowed to go to the houses of people we knew... which weren't that many in walking distance.  But I digress.  Here even with the help of the sign it went more like: knock-- 'trick-or-treat' -- door opens-- they stare at me-- I give them candy and wish them a good night-- they were pretty good at saying 'thank you'.  Just kind of odd to me and I wonder if this is normal other places and I'm the odd one.

Other things I noticed included the practice of trick-or-treating for the absent or infantile, using a backpack as a collection vessel, and I noticed several of the neighbors (three I could see without leaving the front door) would hang out in their yard to distribute the candy.  The last one makes a certain amount of sense if there's a rush or if you have a member of the family designated for that job-- but it never seemed quite that busy and I was trying to multitask.  We had around 75 trick-or-treaters over a 2 1/2-3 hour evening.  All in all it was fun.  Yay Halloween.  And yay for not having too much candy left over.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We're Expecting a Baby

That's right!  It's very early still and all I know is that I should be due in June (basic math)... but I haven't seen the doctor that gives us the date.  I've seen the "the lab tells us you're pregnant" doctor, as well as "we're going to have to watch your thyroid levels very carefully" doctor, but not the "this is how your baby is doing" doctor... but I have an appointment.

So in keeping with blogging tradition I shall post the home pregnancy test photo.  I know some folks think it's gross-- whatever-- for me it's the first tangible reason for why I've been sick for weeks.