Friday, June 4, 2010

Thyroid Scan

Last week I had a thyroid scan and was completely expecting to find that there were still thyroid cells. I had good reason to believe such because I've been feeling exceptionally well while being off of my replacement hormones-- which is exactly what happened last time. I felt tired for about two days but then a felt a wind of energy and decided to go with it. During that time we planted our garden (more on that later) and I got things done.

Much to my surprise the scan came back negative! WooHoo! Below you will find a visual comparison between my first scan and my most recent scan. The scan detects the radioactive iodine I ingested two days prior.

See how in November there is a very very bright bean shape in my neck and how there is absolutely NO bean in my neck in May? It is, you may notice, more concentrated in my stomach and bladder (again, a good thing meaning the radioactive iodine is just on it way through and not getting absorbed anywhere). What a difference 100 millicuries can make!

We are very happy about this! We will do another scan in January or February and if that one comes back negative as well then we will be completely finished with these scans... which will be fantastic-- even though these scans have been entertaining I'd be just fine not having them be a regular part of life!