Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Day as a Substitute Teacher and I Finished the Peter and the Wolf Puppets

I never thought I would be one-- and you know? it wasn't horrible.

Granted it was a half day for me and I got to meet the teacher before-hand (which was nice!).

I realize I don't know any tricks to quell the chatterboxes... especially if there are several of them-- simple transitions take much longer than expected. They were all good kids... just chatty which makes it hard to focus the group.

The house is getting closer to order-- that's been nice and a long time coming-- not quite there yet. The Hubs and I have different (neither is wrong although he may disagree) methods for cleaning/organizing which makes things... ... ...interesting. I don't feel like I've been 'settled' anywhere since my apartment in grad school. I got to live there for two whole years... that was almost four years ago. Even though I know we won't be here all that long I look forward to feeling moved in-- and to enjoy it as long as possible.

Today is my Nephew's 15th birthday... which seems very very strange to me. 15! Holy Crap!

A few days ago was our 6 Montherversary so we went out to eat which was really nice and had a nice evening together-- yay!

And a few weeks ago I finished the Peter and the Wolf puppets that had completely occupied my life for about a month. And I really mean it took the vast vast vast majority of my time (see how any vasts!?). So below are some pictures! (a photoshoot on our couch covered with a sheet because I'm fancy like that and I had to get these guys in the mail likety-split!) They should be self explanatory as to who is who but if you have any questions feel free to ask! So I'll leave you to look at these while I go rustle up something for dinner.