Saturday, September 13, 2008

In Michigan, and, Happy Birthday Jayna!

We've been in Michigan for a week and the unpacking continues without much of an end in sight.

I like our little house despite the questionable craftsmanship. I think the painting we did in July has really helped make the place feel more like ours. And again I'm thinking how good it was that we did it then since now every wall has stuff stacked in front of it.

We had good time driving across -- especially in Logan. We got to see friends (many of which also helped us load our storage unit of stuff into the truck) which was so much fun (yep, it really was since the rain kindly/mostly subsided) and we got to stay with our bishop and his wife in their very lovely home... which we're told it actually was a bed & breakfast at one time. So it was even more fitting when our first morning there Lonnie made us waffles for breakfast... thus encouraging my waffle kick... (the morning after our wedding we had waffles at Tallahan's Cafe in Arnold) which has ended since we do not own a waffle iron-- pancakes will have to do.

It was easier to say goodbye to Logan this time since it really didn't feel like ours anymore. I will still miss it though.

The batteries for my camera were dead for the entire drive (boo!) but I also didn't feel like messing with it. A lot to see but not all that much to photograph (except the monument at the highest point of the Lincoln Highway and the Strategic Air Command museum-- which was pretty neat) everything else fit in these categories: Dennis Driving, Highway, Gas Station, Restaurant, Hotel/Motel... oh and we got to see the Mississippi.

So not only is today Jayna's Birthday-- which is great and wonderful since she is great and wonderful-- but our friend, Bill, along with five of his friends are crashing at our house tonight. They're taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon and we get to be their first stop! It sounds like their trip is going to be very fun-- wish I could go! (especially in exchange for unpacking) ;) I'm looking forward to the visit. Bill's been a good friend and not just because he played such a large part in the wedding implementation (for which I will always be grateful)-- he was a good friend long before all that.