Thursday, July 24, 2008

Woo Hoo!

A month from today we're getting married! So much to do sometimes I wonder if it will ever get done. Part of me wants time to slow down so I can get more things done but the other part can't wait to make my beau my husband-- and take him home!

I have a lot of the wedding stuff done... there's just so much more. I want to enjoy the details and not be burdened by them-- I love details-- but I also know that I'll need to let some of them go.

Also in the personal good news: I'm letting go of some very long-held animosity.

It feels good and freeing. I've made several attempts on my own over the years but I'm feeling confident this will stick. And you know what I did? I took my mother's advice-- even after I told her there would be no way I could do it-- but I did-- I feel good-- she was right! Thanks Mom!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Off to Iddie-hoe

Looking forward to it! (just not the drive!)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bridal Shower

I came back to California Friday night-- I thought someone would notice if I missed my own bridal shower which was the next day. I really didn't know for sure what to expect although I have attended a handful of bridal showers, four to be exact, in the past. My beau's mom and aunt organized it and I really had a good time! It wasn't the type of shower with all the weird and awkward games. This shower was just about tasty food and visiting with a bunch of really neat gals. Oh and presents-- which feels really odd at first but the type of odd you get over in not too long. Something that was pretty great was that there was no need for a poker-face since everything was either very useful or very beautiful or both!

It feels so good to be surrounded by such wonderful women in my life.

(and I promise you that I put some make-up on... it just really doesn't look like it in the picture-- but in the picture it does look like I'm a unicorn! :) a happy one)

We had a loose "picture frame" theme that is if people didn't know what to bring they could just pick up a little picture frame that I could then use at the reception to display photos of me and my beau. I thought that would 1) save me a bunch of cash and 2) be fun for people to see the frame they brought used at the reception. Now a have a whole lot of very very pretty frames that come together in a very fun eclectic mix (that all looks good together) that you just couldn't get if you sent one person shopping. Amazing! An idea that I wish I had sooner was for the guests to bring pictures from their own weddings if they wanted-- I think that would be so much fun to see everyone's pictures and give everyone a chance to talk and reminisce about their own wedding. I'm kicking myself about it now because I can't think of another opportunity to get everyone together in a context where that would make sense.... ... ... unless we have an anniversary party at some point ... maybe. hmm