Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 3 with Juniper

I was sad to see my mom and sister leave; still grateful that they came all that way out here to help.

Here she is under a blanket that was a gift from her Grandma Phillips (and laying on the snuggy blanket made by her Aunt Heather).

Above and below are pictures that show the very pretty blanket crocheted by Aunt Charlene.  Check out the lovely scalloped edge!


This photo shows how her little neck reminds me of a turtle... a cute turtle.

Being held by Grandma Lois on the last full day of her visit.

Juniper loves her Grandma Lois.

Juniper does not love her bath!  We have learned that she likes them much better when they take place in the morning.  This was her second real bath since her umbilical cord stump fell off so we didn't know. . . so sorry baby!

On the day we drove Lois to the airport we stopped by the local beach-- very briefly because we did not want to make her late.  We saw a deer too.  It was great to have her out to hold the baby!  I'm so glad she did.


June 28th-- 19 days old

20 day old feet-- and much much older feet!

June 30th-- 3 weeks old
This week Juniper developed tears.  All week her eyelashes would be wet while she cried but on Saturday the 30th she shed a tear down her cheek.  My heart broke a little.

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Caytie said...

Ohhh. . . Kristen, She is BEAUTIFUL! Motherhood is the best! I can't believe we both had little girls around the same time at the same age. Too fun! Truly she is lovely!